Our Bride and Groom-to-be interview MEddison-Art

1. Groom-to-be – Where are you from?

Meddi – My husband and I live in Bucharest. The majority of the events we shoot are local ones but we love traveling! Therefore, we are happy to accompany our bride and groom anywhere in the country and even beyond its borders in order to capture their special moments.

2. Groom – If transportation and/or accommodation are required, are they included in the price of the wedding package?

Emi – They are not included. Fortunately, we have friends in many cities and we may not need accommodation. Presuming that we would need transportation and/or accommodation, we are not pretentious.

3. Bride-to-be – Is it possible to request a wedding album to be included in one of your wedding packages?

Meddi – Yes, of course. Together we can create a unique and special wedding album that you will always enjoy looking through.
Emi – Their will be an additional cost for this item and that will vary depending on the style/ size/and number of pages of the final album.

4. Groom – Is the civil ceremony included in the wedding package?

Emi – Unfortunately, it isn’t. Even if our civil ceremony shoots are separate from the wedding package we do make exemptions when the civil ceremony and the wedding are both on the same day

5. Groom – Do you also offer video services?

Meddi – We deal exclusively with the photography side of an event because we want to do our absolute best and to provide you with the highest quality photos. We wouldn’t be able to do that if we were trying to do video as well.
Emi – We would be glad to work with anyone you find – we’re sure we’ll make a good team – and in case you are unable to decide, we can happily recommend videographers that we have collaborated with in the past.

6. Bride – How long will it take before the pictures are edited and delivered?

Emi – Photos typically will be take approximately 45 days to edit and then deliver.

7. Bride – How many photos will we receive?

Meddi – We do not have a limit on the number of photos you will receive! Regardless of the wedding package you choose. We take as many photos as the event needs and will allow.
Emi – Of course, the number of photos delivered depends on your specific event, the number of guests, the time allocated for the bride and groom, family and wedding party photo sessions, etc.

8. Bride – Will we be receiving edited photos?

Meddi – All of the photos you will receive will be edited: MEddison-Art style! Which includes but is not limited to: brightness, contrast and color correction. You can find examples on our website (meddison-art.com).

9. Groom – What kind of equipment will you be using at our wedding?

Meddi – Our photography arsenal contains high-end Canon equipment. We use devices that allow us to shoot at any time, under any condition and keep our results predictable.
Emi – If we find ourselves under any unpleasant circumstances – where something unfortunate happens to our photography kit during the event – we are always prepared with backup equipment. We wouldn’t want to compromise your special day due to technicalities.

10. Groom – I’ll admit it! I don’t photograph well. Will that affect our pictures?

Meddi – Not at all! I have an easy shooting style and I will make sure that you both look graceful and natural in your photos. Even if it will take you a while to warm up, I am patient and will make sure that you will both feel comfortable and relaxed. It’s going to be great!

11. Bride and Groom – You’re the wedding photography team for us! How do we reserve our event date?

Meddi – Fantastic! The next step is to e-mail me to let me know your date so I can check my availability. After that we will select the best wedding package for you, I will send you a contract to sign and further instructions on how to secure your date with a down-payment. Unfortunately, we will not be able to hold any date without either down-payment received or contract completed. We can’t wait to work with you!

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